Month: November 2019

Omnichannel Customer Journey Digital Fashion Academy

Omnichannel Digital Fashion

Keywords: Omnichannel, Digital in store, Innovation, Digital Transformation  What you will learn in this article What is Omnichannel retail in fashion industry? Definition. What are the main omnichannel processes? How is Omnichannel implemented in fashion and luxury companies What skills are required to get a fashion jobs in omnichannel The importance of digital marketing and …

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P&L Fashion Ecommerce – Digital Fashion Academy

How to manage an ecommerce P&L and make it profitable In this lesson we analyse the revenue streams that can be generated through e-ecommerce and the cost center that need to be accounted for and that determine the profitability of your digital enterprise. Read More Table of Contents Revenue streams Most frequent questions and answers …

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SEO Fashion Gucci

Fashion SEO – Brief guide for fashion professional

Summary The search engine optimisation for fashion brands requires an important effort to create high quality content and to improve the technical aspects of the website that are important to search engines such as site speed and mobile optimisation. However the results of search engine optimisation have important benefits for fashion websites: More traffic to …

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