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Practice: fill out your data in the template

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Now, download the first template and add your own data to simulate the gross and net revenue that your business could generate.

You will need to know how many visits your website can generate, factor in a growth rate if you see fit for it. And reflect the seasonality: if you are planning to sell winter jackets you should consider a steep rise in visits during winter time, perhaps considering also if you are selling in the northern or southern hemisphere.

Then you will need to estimate your average full price and how much discount you are going to give your customers in order to calculate the average price per month.

For the units per transaction you can start from an average of 1.5 and then increase it or decrease it based on the type of products you sell. If you sell bras and panties that people need to buy separate but they match you may estimate an average UPT of 2 or more.

Exercise spreadsheet, click to download excel.