Fashion Marketplaces Management Online Course


Course duration:  6 hours on-demand
Language: English


Expand Your Online Business Internationally with Fashion & Luxury Marketplaces.


In this comprehensive online course, you will gain the essential knowledge and practical skills needed to effectively leverage fashion marketplaces as a powerful sales channel for your fashion brand. By the end of this course, you will be well-equipped to navigate and manage marketplaces, ensuring optimal performance and profitability for your business.

The course covers the explanation of marketplace business logics, financial plan and logistic models, including  Profit & Loss statement for the marketplace channel, the study of KPIs for performance monitoring and marketing & advertising on marketplaces.

The course is specifically designed for  fashion and luxury sector and explains how the main fashion and luxury marketplaces function.

Topics Covered in the Course:

  1. Marketplace Strategy:
    • Understand the foundational principles and operational mechanisms of fashion marketplaces: master drop shipping and cross border e-commerce.
    • Income statement (P&L), from Net Revenue to EBITDA: acquire the skills needed to analyze the financial performance of your marketplace channel.
    • Explore various types of marketplaces and how they differ in terms of structure, target audience, and business models.
    • Gain insights into cost structures, pricing strategies, and margin optimization to enhance profitability.
  2. Operation of Marketplaces and Business Models
    • Explanation of key fashion marketplaces, positioning, and advantages.
    • Learn about the logistical considerations and strategies for efficient inventory management, order fulfillment, and customer service
    • Explore and evalutate alternative merchandising and logistic scenarios with online exercises;
  3. Technical Integration of Marketplaces and Content Management: learn the experts tips and best practices to integrate with marketplaces
    • Product Data, Stock information, Prices, Orders and Returns
    • Logistics flows KPIs, Service Level Agreement (SLAs)
    • Tax and administrative aspects
    • In-depth Study of leading Fashion and Luxury Marketplaces: Farfetch, Yoox, Breuninger, Zalando, Amazon
  4. Technical Integration of Marketplaces and Content Management
    • Data and logistical flows
    • Learn how the marketplace connectors such as Tradebyte, Highstreet, Lengow work
  5. Marketing and Advertising Activities to Support Marketplace Sales
    • Discover the best practices to promote your brand and products on the marketplaces
    • How to advertise on Zalando, Amazon and other marketplaces
  6. Deep dive into the day-to-day life of a marketplace account manager, the importance of data feed and the tools to use, the role of EDIs (Marketplace Broker) and configuration best practices


Benefits of being skilled in Marketplaces:

  • Expand your reach: increase brand visibility and tap into new customer segments
  • Boost sales: drive sales growth through a wider distribution network
  • Optimise resources: leverage existing marketplace infrastructure to streamline operations
  • Data-driven decisions: make informed decisions based on marketplace insights and KPIs
  • Stay competitive: Gain a competitive edge by mastering the growing marketplace landscape

Learning outcomes:

By taking this course you will:

  • Master the Marketplace Landscape: Gain a solid understanding of marketplaces and the various business models they employ. Explore the advantages and disadvantages for fashion brands
  • Navigate Top Marketplaces: Learn about the positioning and key features of leading fashion and luxury marketplaces and how this can fit in with your brand strategy
  • Optimize Your Performance: Understand KPIs to track your success on marketplaces and analyse a sample marketplace profit and loss (PNL) statement to gain insight into cost structures
  • Integrate with marketplaces: Explore the technical aspects of connecting your brand using EDIs (Marketplace Broker) to marketplaces and learn the best practices.
  • Learn the best practices: Develop a clear understanding of the day-to-day of a marketplace manager, understanding the data feed and the best tools and practices to develop the business
  • Master Marketing and Ads functions: Discover how to leverage the power of platforms like Zalando and Amazon for marketing and advertising. Learn how to plan and implement effective advertising campaigns on Fashion marketplaces.

Format & Methodology:

2 hours of on-demand lessons.

x2 live Virtual Classrooms via ZOOM:

  • Wednesday May 29th from 5:00 to 7:00 PM CET (Rome time)
  • Thursday June 6th from 5:00 to 7:00 PM CET (Rome time)

The participation of the live lessons is recommended for ensuring the best learning experience, however the course can be taken fully on-demand as all sessions are recorded and available to rewatch at anytime.

The teaching methodology is based on the work of industry professionals employed in fashion companies, e-tailers, and agencies. The typical structure of the lessons includes:

– Objectives and structure of the marketplace function in fashion companies.
– Results measurement: monitoring results and KPIs.
– Tools: learning the tools and software used by professionals.
– Analysis of best practices and case studies of Fashion & Luxury Brands.
– Processes and guidelines implemented in fashion companies.
– Consolidation: exercises, group work, and/or quizzes.


The faculty comprises some of the most qualified and experienced professionals in digital fashion and luxury.

Andrea Dell’Olio
Digital Marketplace Manager at BOGGI MILANO

“I am a professional who primarily deals with studying, designing, and implementing innovative online sales strategies within companies, launching and expanding businesses through digital and marketplace channels.”

Iacopo Pecchi
Digital Marketplace Expert at Marketplace Generation

Iacopo is the founder of Marketplace Generation, a company that specialises in supporting Fashion Brands to launch and manage their Marketplace channels

Giulia Rosetti
Marketing & Digital Director

Read more about the teachers >>


Benefits of studying with DFA:

– The course is designed by fashion and luxury professionals to meet the real needs of fashion and luxury companies.
– The course is conducted live via online meetings with the option to view the lesson on demand for 12 months.
– Participants can interact with teachers and our community during and after the course.

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