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We work with global fashion groups, small & medium companies and digital agencies. Check out our case studies below.

We provide specific learning solutions, we guide you to choose the right course or the mix of lessons that is more relevant to your company.

Chose the courses you need or allow your staff to choose directly from our catalog. Contact us to integrate our catalog into your training offer.

If you don’t find the course that you need, you can reach out to us and we can create a course on the topic that you need.

Fashion & Luxury Groups

Fashion groups can improve performance and keep staff more engaged by allowing their staff to participate in the Digital Training.

By acquiring the skills that are most needed in the fashion industry today, your company you can increase revenue of wholesale, retail and online.

Case studies

  • In large fashion companies it may happen that people work in a specific function (visual merchandising, ecommerce operations, customer service) and they don’t know how other ecommerce functions work (finance, logisitics, digital marketing). This can bring to lower staff engagement, missed opportunities, and lower productivity. Attending the ecommerce and digital marketing course will provide the trainee a 306° understanding of all the ecommerce value chain activities.
  • When companies hire new talents, they need to train them on the company processes so they can perform, this process takes time and effort. By training them with DFA courses you can save time the training of new resources and shorten the time before they become productive.

In both these cases Digital Fashion Academy provides the courses that cover the Digital Fashion Business knowledge with a 360° perspective.

Our teachers are Senior Managers and Directors from Fashion brands and Agencies with specific experience in the field and experience in large fashion Groups.

The founder of Digital Fashion Academy and Director of the Programme, Enrico Fantaguzzi, is also a Senior Digital Professional in Fashion and Luxury business with experience in some of the Top brands in the world.

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Small and Medium Fashion Companies

For Small and Medium Fashion Companies, our courses offer the opportunity for your e-commerce and digital leaders to acquire first hand knowledge from professionals from large fashion companies who have already implemented and experienced the growth path that your are pursuing.

By learning the best practices from large fashion brands that our teachers will share with our students, your digital leaders will be facilitated in managing the projects and effectively drive the growth of your digital business.

If you need to upgrade the skills of your sales and retail staff and provide them with the essential knowledge of digital, this is also an opportunity that you have if you are actively managing a project of digital transformation within the company.

Digital Agencies

We work with Digital Agencies to provided them with specific functional knowledge about Fashion Industry processes and Fashion E-commerce operations.

The comprehension and the knowledge of how processes work within fashion and luxury companies is an essential element to ensure the consistency of the Digital Agency offer to the processes of the Fashion companies.

To really understand fashion practices becomes a competitive advantage that will allow your agency to tailor your services offer to the needs of your fashion clients.

Case study

Mastering the fashion ecommerce P&L. For digital agencies who specialise in digital marketing or system integration it’s essential to understand the budgeting process and how fashion brands generate profits:

  • when the budget is discussed and signed off,
  • how is the budget for projects allocated
  • what are the relevant metrics and KPIs
  • what makes a project financially sustainable

Digital Skills Certification

Digital Fashion Professional (DFP) Certification

Digital Fashion Academy offers you the opportunity to certify your skills and become a certified Digital Fashion Professional (DFP Certification). We have developed this certification exam in collaboration with Fashion brands, Digital Professionals, Agencies and Associations. The exam fee is included in the enrolment fee for students.

Fashion Management DFA Certification and Badge

Digital Transformation Assessment

We offer a free digital transformation assessment tool online with instant result. The quiz should take 5 to 10 minutes to complete, it’s completely and gives you instant personalised results, we only ask you some personal information before you take the online assessment.

Digital Transformation assessment

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