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Digital Fashion Professional Certification

Take the exam to become a Certified Digital Fashion Professional

Digital Fashion Professional (DFP) Certification

Digital Fashion Academy offers you the opportunity to certify your skills and become a certified Digital Fashion Professional (DFP Certification). We have developed this certification exam in collaboration with Fashion brands, Digital Professionals, Agencies and Associations. The exam fee is included in the enrolment fee for students.


Competence model

Our competence model represents the set of skills that are considered essential to the role of Digital Fashion Manager.

Starting from business skills in the commercial area, to the understanding of technology, to how design influences sales performance.

The four circles in the centre represent these areas of study:

  • Fashion industry specific knowledge and rules
  • General management: management and organisation
  • E-commerce Management: strategy, performance and innovation
  • Digital Marketing: Brand Communication, Performance Marketing
Digital Fashion Academy competence model
Digital Fashion Academy competence model

Digital Fashion Academy competence model © 2023

Acquire a certificate for your work and for your curriculum

Digital Fashion Certification will give you a certification that is recognized at international level from fashion and luxury companies.

In order to obtain the certification, the students need to complete the project work “digital portfolio” as part of the “e-commerce and digital marketing course” and pass the online exam.

The DFP Certification sums up the results of proficiency levels in all the different areas included in the certification assessment and returns total level. 

Fashion Digital Marketing course certification
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