Fashion Ecommerce Management & Digital Marketing

Fashion Business Management Course & Certification

An industry-facing and hands-on Digital Fashion Business Course, for Fashion Professionals who want to acquire Digital Business Skills to manage their online business and fast-track their career in world-class fashion brands.

Course Overview

Learn end-to-end Fashion Ecommerce Management & Digital Marketing

Drawing on expertise from leading senior professionals in the fashion and luxury sector, you will learn everything you need to know to become a certified Digital Fashion Professional


✔ Become a certified Digital Fashion Professional in a growing industry

✔ Gain the knowledge and skills that will enable you to work in fashion e-commerce, direct-to-consumer, e-wholesale and fashion digital marketing divisions at the highest level.

✔ Learn in-depth fashion e-commerce management skills. (e.g. how to structure a business plan for e-commerce, how to organise E-commerce and how to manage an e-commerce team)

✔ Study and work on creating and managing digital marketing strategies, campaigns and SEO projects.

✔ Gain a thorough understanding of fashion e-commerce store management, merchandising, finance, e-commerce platforms, payments, logistics and legal,


⇢ Online

⇢ 24 weeks
⇢ Oct 2024

⇢ €2,450

⇢ Fashion Ecommerce Management & Digital Marketing
⇢ Exam fee included

⇢ 4 hours per week

How to participate in this course

Flexible learning: take this course wherever you are

  • Mix of live virtual classrooms and self-paced on-demand lessons
  • You should be prepared to dedicate around 4 hours per week to this course
  • The next course starts October 2024
  • Over 24 weeks you’ll have access to approximately 80 hours of lessons
  • The live lessons will be recorded and always available on-demand for reviewing even outside of class hours
  • You can engage remotely with teachers and colleagues through our platform

Course program

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Module name and description
Introduction to the Fashion Industry & Digital Business

Learn the essential notions of fashion business models, fashion distribution models, traditional and digital sales channels, market structure, brand positioning, fashion product lifecycle, collections structure, merchandising categories and seasons concepts. Excellent for individuals making a transition to the fashion industry from different sectors or those looking to delve deeper into the inner workings of fashion companies.
Fashion E-commerce Strategy & Organisation

One of the core modules in this course, you’ll learn how to elaborate an ecommerce business plan for a fashion business, create a 5-years plan and plan a roadmap to achieve the goals established in the business plan and design a digital business strategy for growth and learn how to make decisions about which activities to insource or outsource to reach your financial targets.
Fashion Finance: master financial planning & cost control for a healthy ecommerce P&L

In this on-demand lesson and live workshop you’ll acquire the essential knowledge of financial KPIs, budgeting process and financial controls best practices used in fashion companies. You will learn the essential financial metrics such as Gross and Net revenue, Gross Margin, Operating Margin, EBIT and EBITDA. You will understand the budget process and the logic behind the financial targets and the company evaluation based on profitability. You’ll learn essential strategies to ensure a profitable ecommerce and managing cost of stock and investments.
E-commerce Operations: Logistics Management

Acquire the essential knowledge to coordinate and oversee e-commerce operations which include: logistics management, shipping, customer service and online payments.
E-commerce Operations: Customer Service organisation, processes & KPIs

Learn how to organise the customer service team and processes for fashion ecommerce. Learn the strategies and tools to manage customer enquiries efficiently and transform the customer service cost into an opportunity to drive additional sales. You’ll learn the KPIs to measure efficiency and effectiveness of the customer service. Learn how to evaluate insourcing and outsourcing opportunities, we’ll explore case studies and digital solutions built by leading fashion brands to improve the customer service experience and online virtual selling.

Online Store Management & UX for Fashion Brands

Acquire the essential skills to implement a Commercial Plan for fashion ecommerce, organise a merchandising & promotional calendar, manage the Buying and Merchandising processes and update a fashion E-commerce website, implement design and optimisation, track sales and performance of your online store.
UX Design for Fashion Ecommerce

The success of fashion e-commerce is created by a mix of content, technology and User Experience Design. Despite the fact that e-commerce user experience is standardised in many aspects, there are important differences from brand to brand and between product categories that need to be accounted for in order to implement the most suitable user experience for the specific product-brand-user combination. In this lesson you’ll learn the essential techniques to design and optimise the user experience for your users and you’ll learn how to measure the effectiveness of your web interface.
Fashion Marketplaces Management

In this module In this course, you will acquire the skills to manage marketplaces as a sales channel for fashion brands. The course covers the explanation of marketplace business logics, business and logistical models, analysis of the profit and loss of the marketplace channel, and the study of KPIs for performance monitoring.
The course includes a workshop with a simulation of P&L analysis and merchandising strategy for marketplaces.

In this module you’ll learn about cross border e-commerce management, doing e-business in foreign markets such as the Far East, Middle East and Africa. You’ll learn about relevant digital sales channels in different markets and how to meet local markets customers expectations via localisation and optimisation of the websites for cultural differences.
Customer Relationship Management

Study the strategies and techniques that fashion companies apply to create customer satisfaction and loyalty. This module covers both strategic and technological aspects of CRM. This short course is made of a 2-hour on-demand lesson and 2-hour live virtual class workshop with the teacher.
Technology for Fashion E-commerce

Gain an overview and understanding of the E-commerce platforms most frequently used by fashion companies such as Adobe Commerce, Shopify and Salesforce. You’ll also learn about other technology generally adopted by fashion brands for their e-commerce infrastructures such as Marketing Technology tools, Product Information & Asset Management, Order Management Systems & AI Applications. You will explore Omnichannel Digital Communication including Digital in store applications and Omnichannel customer care.
Essential Legal Aspects of Fashion E-commerce

Acquire the essential knowledge of international Privacy Laws such as GDRP, e-commerce consumers rights and fiscal aspects to run cross border e-commerce in compliance with local and international law. The short course includes a lesson on Cybersecurity.
Web Analytics & Business Intelligence

Study the KPIs utilised by fashion companies to track performance of digital channels and learn how to use some of the analytics tools utilised by fashion companies for analysing performance of digital campaigns. We will also look at the most recent Artificial Intelligence platforms used for predictive analytics.
Digital Marketing Strategy & Budget

In this module we’ll explore and discuss how to structure the budget for Digital Marketing for a Fashion E-commerce Business. The Goal is to ensure the e-commerce websites achieves the targets of traffic and conversion rate to reach the expected revenue. In this lesson you’ll learn how to orchestrate the different traffic acquisition channels in a comprehensive digital strategy to reach the revenue targets for your e-commerce.
In the second part of this lesson we’ll have the heads of Digital Departments from Leading fashion brands to explain their approach and discuss strategies and techniques with the participants.
Omnichannel Marketing & Content Strategy

In this lesson we’ll explore solutions and applications to leverage digital solutions in Bricks and Mortar stores, we’ll discuss online to offline and offline to online strategies and solutions. We’ll learn how to create engaging content that can be utilised across different sales channels to generate both organic and paid traffic.
Newsletter Design and Contact Planning

In this lesson and workshop we’ll work together on the creation of a contact plan and the design of newsletters. We’ll analyse best practices and examples of strategies from leading fashion and luxury brands. You’ll learn how to design effective newsletters for both desktop and mobile devices, you’ll learn about email automation processes such as welcome cycles, data enrichment and automated campaigns.
Performance Marketing for Fashion E-commerce

Deep dive into the digital communication best-practices with senior managers and professionals from specialising agencies.
In this module you’ll learn how to create a digital marketing strategy and implementation plan. You’ll gain hands-on experience on frequently used tools for digital advertising and social media marketing. We’ll discuss the best practices adopted by leading fashion and luxury brands.
Search Engine Optimisation

In this workshop you’ll acquire hands on-experience to master the most advanced tools needed to optimise your e-commerce for search engines. This short course is composed of a on-demand lesson and a live workshop in virtual classroom with teachers.
Wrap up session

Course certification

Certify your skills

Digital Fashion Academy offers you the opportunity to certify your skills and become a certified Digital Fashion Professional. We have developed this certification exam in collaboration with Fashion brands, Digital Professionals, Agencies and Associations.

DFA Certificates and Digital Badges are a recognition of the effort and dedication you’ll put into this significant journey, verifying your knowledge and new skill set.

You can share it with the world through your social profiles and have the opportunity to showcase your involvement to potential employers, friends, and family.

The exam fee is included in the enrolment fee for students.

Fashion Management DFA Certification and Badge

Who is this course for?

This course is for professionals who want to start or grow their career in the digital divisions in the fashion industry.

✔ Junior professionals working in the e-commerce departments of fashion brands and e-tailers who want to acquire a broader set of skills and fast-track their career

✔ Mid-to-senior managers in the fashion industry who need to expand their set of skills integrating traditional fashion expertise with digital and e-commerce skills

✔ Senior professionals in the fashion and luxury industries who want to acquire a deep understanding of the processes that make online sales successful and profitable

✔ Consultants/ Suppliers to fashion brands who want to acquire essential Fashion and Ecommerce knowledge, best practices, KPIs

✔ Entrepreneurs or business owners looking to expand the online business to a regional / global audience

✔ Professionals seeking a career change

Career opportunities

The fashion industry is rapidly embracing digital and eCommerce channels, creating a surge in demand for professionals with expertise in these domains. By attending the Fashion Ecommerce Management & Digital Marketing Course and obtaining the Certificate you’ll acquire the skills required for the most sought-after profiles in the fashion industry for Digital and eCommerce management. You’ll acquire in-depth knowledge from senior professionals who will explain real success stories from fashion & luxury global companies, empowering you to optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and contribute significantly to your company’s success.

By exploring the fundamentals of the ecommerce value chain, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the interconnected processes that bring fashion products from concept to customer’s doorstep.

Here below some examples of roles & profiles that are in line for this course of studies:

  • E-commerce Director: Oversees and manages the digital and eCommerce strategy for a fashion brand, ensuring seamless online shopping experiences and driving sales growth.
  • Chief Digital Officer, Chief Marketing Officer: Leads the overall digital strategy for a fashion brand, encompassing eCommerce, marketing, customer experience, and technological advancements.
  • IT Director or IT Manager: Steers the IT department of a luxury brand, ensuring technological infrastructure, data security, and innovation align with the brand’s vision and customer needs.
  • Project Management Officer: Oversees and manages complex projects across the fashion brand’s operations, ensuring timely, efficient, and budget-conscious execution.
  • CXO: the course provides the top management of a Fashion Brand, Reatilers and E-tailers wiith the set of skills and 360° understanding of all Digital Business Processes that affect the revenues and margins of the company.

Course teachers

Elevate your learning experience with direct access to our industry experts

Experience the unique advantage of learning from seasoned professionals actively engaged in the dynamic field of Digital Fashion. Our course stands out for the invaluable practical insights and expert knowledge imparted by our faculty team. These experts bring a wealth of experience from renowned fashion and luxury brands, leading agencies servicing the fashion and luxury sector, and global technology players dedicated to providing innovative solutions for fashion brands.

Alexandra Carvalho, Ecommerce Operations Expert
Filippo Chiari, Global Director Analytics and Insights
Chiara Davanzo, Brand, Communication & Content Director
Enrico Fantaguzzi, Fashion & Luxury E-commerce consultant
Mauro Lorenzutti, CTO & E-commerce Solution Architect
Marcello Messina, Worldwide Head of Global E-Business Director
Raffaele Nardo, Chief Digital Officer
Andrea di Nicolò, Ebusiness, Omnichannel and Digital Marketing Director
Marco Di Pietro, Entrepreneur, Strategic Advisor
Ilaria Sartorato, Digital Retail Manager
Enrico Franco Roselli, Entrepreneur and Former CEO
Gianluigi Zarantonello, Digital Solutions Director

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Our partners

We partner with Fashion companies and agencies who specialise in the Fashion and Luxury industry.

How to enrol


Pay now to enrol for Oct 2024.


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Payment plans are available. Set up pay by instalments


Digital Fashion Academy in collaboration with our partners, are offering 10 scholarships to successful candidates. The scholarships are available on a first come first served basis and are awarded by the DFA committee and partners.

> Full Scholarships: Open to recent graduates and young professionals with less than 2 years of work experience.

> Partial Scholarships: Available for junior professionals with less than 4 years of work experience.

This is your opportunity to learn from industry experts, stay ahead of the fashion ecommerce curve, and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for style and innovation. Click here to review the application process.

Corporate Training

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What our students say

5 stars review DFA

Great Digital Fashion course, covering all the digital pillars of a fashion company, such as finance, marketing, logistics, website, CRM, privacy, legal, product, price… and high qualified teachers with years of experience in fashion market.
Really interesting also the workshops with concrete cases in fashion environment.”

Benedetto, Digital Marketing Manager

I recommend this course to all those who are interested in pursuing a career in digital and also to those who already occupy managerial positions, both for the variety of topics covered (a 360-degree view) and for updating on the latest tools and market trends.
Enrico and his team are extremely helpful and very clear in their exposition, all the speakers are very qualified.”

Martina, Ecommerce Merchandising Specialist

“A Fashion Academy that offers a wide range of courses using a team of professionals with decades of experience. Specifically, the course in Ecommerce management for fashion was rich, complete, suitable both for those who are approaching the digital world and for those who are already part of it.
Definitely recommended for those who want to deepen and enrich their skills and knowledge.”

Gabriella, Ecommerce Manager


Gain a 360° view of Digital Fashion

You will cover a 360° view, from business skills in the commercial area, to the understanding of technology, to how design influences sales performance.

The DFA competence model represents the set of skills that are considered essential to the role of Digital Fashion Manager.

The four circles in the centre represent these areas of study:

  • Fashion industry specific knowledge and rules
  • General management: management and organisation
  • E-commerce Management: strategy, performance and innovation
  • Digital Marketing: Brand Communication, Performance Marketing
Digital Fashion competence model

Digital Fashion Academy competence model © 2023

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If I miss a live lesson can I watch the recording?

Yes, all virtual classrooms will be recorded and available to watch on the platform.

Is it possible to have a scholarship to fund the course?

Yes, there are several scholarships available. If you are interested in a scholarship, please apply here.

Is there a certificate at the end of the course?

Yes. Digital Fashion Academy offers you the opportunity to certify your skills and become a certified Digital Fashion Professional. We have developed this certification exam in collaboration with Fashion brands, Digital Professionals, Agencies and Associations.

Digital fashion academy

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