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Digital Transformation Assessment

Enrico August 15, 2021

This quiz will tell you how is your company doing regarding the digital transformation process that affects all of us. Whether you want your company to be digital or not remember that you cannot control it. Here is an example: billions of people spend hours every day on social networks, if you are not present on social networks you cannot talk to those people. The same reasoning can be applied to every other aspect of digital, from Artificial Intelligence, to Project Management.

This quiz covers the majority of the organisational transformation areas that need to happen to support the digital transformation. You cannot approach digital transformation, which is made of a large component of IT and e-business, if you don’t have at least the essential organisation structure to support it. You have to understand that digital transformation is a change from analog to digital, which means that everything is either a 1 or a 0 and each one of them area measurable and have to be measured in order to steer the wheel of your company.

Here below is a model that you can use as a reference.

E-commerce organisational maturity model in Fashion Companies. In the quadrant we see the progression from the Bricks&Mortar business model to Digital First, going through either E-commerce Units or Omnichannel Organization