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Here you can acquire skills you need to work in the contemporary fashion industry. Understanding new technologies for Fashion is vital for success in the current market. Join the community today, it’s free for a short time only.

Whether you are a graduate who wants to become part of the fashion industry or a professional and you need to upgrade your skills, the digital fashion academy is your place to be.

Technology is reshaping the way we design, manufacture and distribute fashion. A full scale digital fashion academy is what you need to stay up to date in the job market.

Digital Fashion Academy competence model

Digital Fashion Competence Model


4 horizontal management areas: management, fashion, project management and technology. These apply to every field of specialization


Fashion specific areas of competence to develop in order to compete in the present market.

Fashion Management

Why has fashion management become so relevant? 

Fashion and Luxury management has become more and more relevant in the last few years. In particular with the development of e-commerce and digital channels, luxury and fashion products are now available to every person.

30% of fashion jobs as we know them may not exist in 10-15 years, changes in consumer preferences and artificial intelligence being some of the reasons behind this change.

To explain the concept behind Digital Fashion Academy, let’s divide the fashion knowledge into two streams “manufacturing technology” and “digital retailing”. Digital Fashion Academy has at its heart the creation of knowledge around the latter.

The reason why we believe it is necessary to create a full scale digital academy rather than just online courses or tutorials is that learners will benefit from being focused and guided in their studies.

Whether you are a graduate who wants to enter the fashion industry or a professional who needs to upgrade your skills, you will need the help of digital professionals who are willing to share knowledge, provide direction of studies to meet your business needs and finally provide connections to the fashion industry.

On the other hand, manufacturing technology is at the heart of product innovation, and needs to be leveraged by digital business professionals, as the result of the market needs.

Who is this site for Fashion Ecommerce?

First of all, ecommerce professionals who want to have a manual by their side, like a reference or tool to consult from time to time, when a situation arises and you don’t have an immediate solution or someone to talk to.

The book is also suitable for entrepreneurs who want to start an e-commerce enterprise, upgrade their management skills into the digital scope or even just understand what their e-commerce manager is doing or must do.

E-commerce is dead, long live e-commerce!

Ecommerce is here to stay, although some people like to say that it is already superseded by “commerce”. In our opinion the retail trasnactions will be 100% digitazed in a very short span.

Have you ever wondered what business an ecommerce manager does?
Have you ever been scared by the question, will I be able to keep up with the change?
Have you ever wondered how to structure an ecommerce office or how to introduce ecommerce processes into your company?

Perhaps you have asked yourself the question and, having not found a solution, you have nevertheless embarked on an ecommerce project or have had an answer that has not entirely convinced you.

What’s next

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