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We were delighted to host Ilaria Sartorato, Retail Manager at FiloBlu, and Martina Donà, Online Store Manager at FiloBlu, for an insightful conversation on the pivotal role of Online Store Management and its profound impact on the success of a Fashion Ecommerce Store.

Our discussion unveiled several key insights

Digital Touchpoint Excellence

The online store is the paramount digital touchpoint, serving not only as a platform for sales but as a reflection of the brand’s identity. Ilaria and Martina emphasised the importance of aligning the brand’s mission, vision, and soul online with its positioning and digital channel requirements.

Ilaria Sartorato from FiloBlu at Digital Fashion Academy

Strategic Seasonal Planning

Seasonal planning is deemed crucial, considering factors such as weather, temperature, and promotional periods. Online Store Managers play a pivotal role in ensuring that the online store’s aesthetics resonate with the expectations of online customers, in order to optimise the sell-out. As Ilaria highlighted, excelling in this phase can significantly impact the outcome of a season.

The commercial plan for fashion ecommerce is the first step of planning for online store managers

Visual Merchandising Mastery

Effective visual merchandising is an art and a science guided by specific rules and measured by specific goals and KPIs. Online Store Managers are entrusted with curating the Home Page content to faithfully represent the store’s offerings. Additionally, they need to regularly update and reorganise categories and product listing pages (PLPs) to maintain a fresh appearance. The product detail page(PDP) must provide comprehensive information to facilitate purchases and boost conversion rates.

Online Store Management for Fashion consists in analysis and data-driven decision making processes

Data-Driven Decision-Making

A data-driven approach is imperative. Every action, decision, and strategy should be rooted in an analysis of store performance and key performance indicators (KPIs). This analytical approach aids in identifying effective strategies and tactics to achieve sales targets.

Budgeting for Success

Budgeting plays a pivotal role in goal achievement. Online Store Managers focus their actions on specific goals, such as selling more of a high-margin product category or liquidating excess stock. The budget acts as a guiding target, covering yearly, monthly, and daily objectives. This becomes especially crucial during peak holiday seasons, where daily sales targets take precedence.

Ilaria and Martina bring a wealth of experience to their roles at FiloBlu Spa, a leading company specialising in assisting brands with asset management and establishing a robust digital presence. Their expertise in e-commerce, particularly in working with fashion and luxury brands, underscores their ability to navigate the dynamic landscape of online retail.

Online Store Manager for Fashion

Ilaria Sartorato

With a degree in Languages and a specialization in International Relations at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, Ilaria began her professional career in the commercial area of fashion companies.
In 2015, she landed in FiloBlu, fully embracing the innovative spirit and ambitious growth goals of the company. She immediately joined the Customer Care team and then pursued her path in the management of digital sale channels as Online Store Manager. In 2016, she deepens her knowledge of the digital world thanks to the Master’s degree in Web marketing & Social media at IULM.
Today, thanks to her significant experience in the industry, Ilaria holds the role of Retail Manager, strategically supporting the companies on the growth of their online business.

Ilaria Sartorato Digital Retail Manager at Filoblu

Martina Donà

After graduating in Economics, Martina completed her studies with a Master’s degree in International Management at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.
Thanks to her resourcefulness and curiosity, her career path led her to gain experience both in national and international realities within different teams: from marketing management to communication and business development.
Since 2020 Martina has been working as Online Store Manager at FiloBlu, a company that supports and guides companies in the acceleration of their digital business.
Previously, she gained experience in companies such as Coin SpA and Diesel.

Martina Donà - Online Store Manager at Filoblu

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