10 Scholarships for the Digital Training of Young Fashion Professionals

The scholarships fully cover the Certification Course in Digital Fashion Business Management, which runs from March to October 2024.

The fashion industry is undergoing a major transformation through the integration of digital technology into all business processes. From 3D design for product development to the management of Digital Marketplaces, even traditional B2B and Retail sales processes are impacted by the introduction of omnichannel sales applications and digital storytelling.

In this competitive scenario, digital training and the continuous development of skills for professionals in the field are crucial factors for the success of fashion and luxury companies. Digital skills are now an essential asset to be developed within companies at all levels, from newcomers managing performance marketing campaigns to top management leading the company towards digitization.

The use of digital technologies in fashion sales processes can provide a competitive advantage for adopting companies in terms of execution speed and penetration into new markets. However, the scarcity of experienced digital fashion professionals within companies hinders growth in new digital markets.

Market data highlights that an increasingly significant percentage of fashion sales, both online and offline, are influenced by digital channels. For instance, the share of advertising investments in digital media has already reached 69% of the total media investments.

Aggregate data for all physical retail sectors project a total e-commerce incidence of 23% on total retail sales by 2027. In the specific fashion sector, this figure could even reach 47%.

For this reason, Digital Fashion Academy has launched a series of courses focusing on digital fashion topics, ranging from Digital Strategy to E-commerce, Financial Management for digital channels to Advanced B2C Logistics, User Experience Design to Digital Marketing. All courses are online, flexible, and focus on business objectives and tools used by professionals in their daily work.

To support companies wishing to provide advanced skills to their staff through specific training, the Digital Fashion Academy (DFA), in collaboration with its partners, offers 10 scholarships for young talents to participate in the 6-month Certification Course in Digital Fashion Business Management with part-time online attendance.

The course aims to provide the necessary skills to manage a fashion business e-commerce, structure business plans, financial statements, and digital marketing strategies, define and analyse KPIs, and study best practices for working in fashion e-commerce divisions, direct-to-consumer, e-wholesale, and digital fashion marketing at the highest levels.

The scholarships will be awarded by the DFA Scientific Committee based on merit criteria by March 10, 2024, to recent graduates, young talents recently hired or with few years of work experience. Each participant will receive a Certificate in Digital Fashion Business Management. The course starts on March 20, 2024. Read the full regulations at https://www.digitalfashionacademy.com/scholarships-assignment-process/

Digital Fashion Academy

Digital Fashion Academy aims to provide professional training in the digital field for fashion companies. It is more than just a platform for managerial training; it is a network of industry experts who share experiences and best practices to create a culture of digital processes. Founded in 2023, it stands out in the landscape of online specialised training due to the founders’ and industry professionals’ extensive experience who act as instructors and contribute to defining and updating training programs.

Founders of Digital Fashion Academy

Enrico Fantaguzzi – Co-founder and Course Director

Enrico is an e-commerce professional and fashion and luxury consultant. In his 20-year career, he has worked in Italy and abroad for brands such as Gucci, Tod’s, Woolrich, Yoox, and The Walt Disney Company. He is the creator and co-founder of the Digital Fashion Academy, and alongside this, he continues to provide consulting for the digital development of various fashion brands in Italy and abroad. An expert in project management with certifications in PMP and Prince 2.

Enrico Roselli – Co-founder and CFO

Enrico is an experienced CEO, formerly CEO of La Martina, the iconic luxury sports apparel brand. He is an expert in negotiation, luxury goods, legal assistance, retail, and marketing strategy. A strong business development professional with a degree in law, specializing in management and protection of intellectual property. In his 20 years of collaboration with La Martina, goals included brand extension through licenses, opening new markets, introducing and developing corporate e-commerce, and digital communication strategy.

Kerin Goodall – Learning Experience Designer and Instructional Designer

Kerin Goodall has over 20 years of experience in training and education in various sectors, including fashion, pharmaceuticals, and government. She founded English Digital Academy and has experience in designing and developing e-learning content, implementing technological solutions, and providing support and training to users.

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Feny Montesano

Email: Feny.montesano@gmail.com

Website: www.digitalfashionacademy.com

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