Customer Service for Fashion


Course Duration : 4 hours
Language: English
Learning Materials: downloadable presentations, video lessons.
Where: Live Online via Zoom live and recordings available
When: May 2024 or On-demand.
Teachers: Alexandra Carvalho and Gianluigi Zarantonello.

Title: Mastering Customer Service for Fashion Brands


Are you ready to elevate your fashion brand’s customer service to new heights? Look no further! Our comprehensive online course is designed to equip you with the tools, KPIs, and best practices necessary to deliver exceptional customer service in the fast-paced world of fashion.

What You’ll Learn:

Understanding Fashion Customer Dynamics: Dive into the unique challenges and opportunities within the fashion industry’s customer service landscape. Learn how to navigate trends, preferences, and brand expectations to exceed customer satisfaction.

Proactive Customer Service: Learn how to turn a cost center into a profit center by making your customer service team able to support customers to choose your products and buy online.

Effective Communication Strategies: Discover how to communicate effectively with fashion-savvy customers across various channels, including social media, email, and live chat. Master the art of crafting personalized responses that resonate with your audience.

Implementing Cutting-Edge Tools: Explore the latest customer service tools and technologies tailored specifically for fashion brands. From CRM systems to AI-powered chatbots, learn how to leverage these tools to streamline processes and enhance the customer experience.

Measuring Success with KPIs: Identify key performance indicators (KPIs) essential for tracking and evaluating your fashion brand’s customer service efforts. Gain insights into metrics such as response time, resolution rate, and customer satisfaction scores to drive continuous improvement.

Best Practices from Industry Experts: Benefit from the wisdom and experiences of seasoned professionals in the fashion industry. Gain exclusive access to insider tips, case studies, and success stories that showcase proven strategies for delivering top-notch customer service.

Who Should Enroll:

Fashion brand owners and managers seeking to enhance their customer service operations.
Customer service representatives looking to specialize in the fashion sector.
Retail professionals interested in optimizing customer interactions within the fashion industry.
Why Choose Us:

Learn from real-world examples and practical insights shared by experienced professionals.
Flexible, self-paced learning designed to fit your schedule.
Access to a supportive online community of fellow learners and industry experts.
Certificate of completion upon finishing the course, demonstrating your expertise in fashion customer service.
Don’t miss this opportunity to set your fashion brand apart with exceptional customer service. Enroll now and embark on your journey to mastering customer satisfaction in the world of fashion!

Alexandra Carvalho for Digital Fashion AcademyAs E-Commerce Operations Expert at the Hugo Boss Digital Campus in Porto, Alexandra oversees various activities such as order management, marketplaces order processing, payments and customer service.

She has been working in E-Commerce Operations and Consultancy for over 10 years and has vast experience in international projects in the fashion industry.




Gianluigi Zarantonello for Digital Fashion AcademyGianluigi Zarantonello has been dealing with Digital Strategy and Transformation since the year 2000, combining business logic with a solid knowledge of technology.

A passionate promoter of digital culture, for more than 18 years he has been writing on his blog http://internetmanagerblog.com and in various channels to raise awareness and vision of these topics. In March 2020 he published the book Marketing Technologist. Transforming the company with the customer at the center.

He has been the Digital Solutions Director in Valentino since 2016.

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