E-commerce P&L Online Course: Master Ecommerce Financial Planning & Cost Control


The Fashion Ecommerce P&L course is designed for e-commerce managers and fashion professionals who have responsibility for the ecommerce channel financial performance. The course will equip you with essential financial notions to correctly and accurately control the financial performance of an ecommerce channel. The course focuses on financial KPIs and standard best practices in fashion & luxury management. Includes the essential steps of budgeting process in fashion brands and deep dives into revenue streams for ecommerce and cost control to ensure profitability.

Course duration: 6 hours On-Demand + 2 exercises
Language: English
Learning Materials: downloadable presentations, MS Excel templates, video lessons.
Where & When: On-demand buy now.

Start improving the financial performance of your ecommerce. Learn the financial best practices for digital fashion

This course is your gateway to mastering the ecommerce P&L and financial strategies that drive success in the fast-paced world of online fashion. In this fashion finance course you’ll acquire the best practices adopted by CFOs of international brands for financial planning, budgeting forecasting and cost control.

Why take this course?

Imagine having the skills to not only grow your e-commerce business but to optimise it for maximum profitability.
Picture yourself confidently interpreting financial statements and making strategic decisions that lead to continuous improvement.
This course will equip you with the knowledge and tools to make these visions a reality.

  1. You will learn the essential financial metrics such as Gross and Net revenue, Gross Margin, Operating Margin, EBIT and EBITDA.
  2. You will understand the budget process and the logic behind the financial targets and the company evaluation based on profitability.
  3. You’ll learn essential strategies to ensure a profitable ecommerce and managing cost of stock and investments.

Course Overview

This course consists of five key lessons, delivered by industry experts who bring a wealth of experience and insights:

Your Instructors

  • Enrico Fantaguzzi – Ecommerce Consultant, Co-founder of Digital Fashion Academy. Ex Gucci, Tod’s, Yoox
  • Leonardo Pecchioli – Chairman Keros Digital SA. Former CFO at Guess Europe. Ex KPMG
  • Gilles Gaucher-Cazalis – MD of SpectR Consulting, Former CFO at Philipp Plein and Finance Director at Michael Kors

Learning Goals

This course is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of the financial aspects of the online fashion industry.

Each lesson is crafted to provide valuable insights and practical knowledge that will help you succeed. At the beginning of each lesson you will find precise learning outcomes. For now, here’s an overview of what each lesson covers and why they are important:

Lesson 1
Driving Ecommerce Growth: The Ecommerce Manager’s Perspective

Instructor: Enrico Fantaguzzi

What You’ll Learn:

  • Discover the key financial drivers that contribute to success in the online fashion industry
  • Understand demand generation strategies and how to construct an effective e-commerce budget
  • Review methods to optimise online channels, focusing on increasing total traffic and improving conversion rates

By the end, you’ll be able to interpret e-commerce profit and loss KPIs and apply forecasting and planning techniques for continuous development.

Why It’s Important: Understanding these core principles will help you boost your e-commerce performance and drive sustainable growth.

Lesson 2
Making Ecommerce Efficient: A Lesson in Profitability

Instructor: Enrico Fantaguzzi

What You’ll Learn:

  • Learn how to streamline your e-commerce business to enhance profitability
  • Gain a thorough understanding of your financial landscape and implement strategies to optimise costs
  • Get to grips with the Ecommerce Profit and Loss cost items


Why It’s Important: Efficient management of financial and physical resources and the ability to control costs is crucial for maintaining a profitable ecommerce business in an increasingly competitive industry.

Lessons 3 & 4
Finance for the Fashion Industry

Instructor: Leonardo Pecchioli

What You’ll Learn:

  • An overview of the financial operations of fashion companies, with a focus on e-commerce financial planning and cost control.
  • Understand how companies allocate funds, track expenses, and plan for the future
  • Explore the key financial performance indicators (KPIs) specific to fashion e-commerce companies.
Why It’s Important: A deep understanding of financial planning processes and cost control best practices will enable you to make better financial decisions and play a pivotal role in your company’s digital business team.

Lesson 5
Driving Ecommerce Growth: A CFO’s Perspective

Instructor: Gilles Gaucher-Cazalis

What You’ll Learn:

  • Gain insights into the e-commerce expectations within the fashion and luxury industry from a CFO’s perspective
  • Learn what top executives look for in e-commerce performance, review financial mechanisms, and understand what makes an e-commerce strategy successful
Why It’s Important: Learning from the perspective of a CFO will help you align your e-commerce strategies with the overall financial goals of your company, ensuring long-term success and financial stakeholders’ satisfaction.


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