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Digital Academy Original Methodology

Our classes are designed to work in the fashion industry

Digital Fashion Academy Competence Model

Digital Fashion Academy has analysed and aggregated in our courses the range of skills that are mostly on demand in the current fashion & luxury industries.


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Competence model

Our competence model represents the set of skills that are considered essential to the role of Digital Fashion Manager.

Starting from business skills in the commercial area, to the understanding of technology, to how design influences sales performance.

The four circles in the centre represent these areas of study:

  • Fashion industry specific knowledge and rules
  • General management: management and organisation
  • E-commerce Management: strategy, performance and innovation
  • Digital Marketing: Brand Communication, Performance Marketing
Digital Fashion competence model

Digital Fashion Academy competence model © 2023

Value Chain Approach

Our Lessons cover all the activities in the Digital Fashion Value Chain model represented and adapted by our experts to meet the needs of Fashion & Luxury companies.

The digital fashion value chain activities follow the classic classification in vertical activities or Functions and cross-function or staff activities

The functional activities are at the core of the hard skills such as technical, financial, operations, digital marketing while the staff activities entails: human resources management, project management and digital supply chain.

Value Chain Approach

Digital Fashion Academy competence model © 2023

Input Output Model

The management methodology adopted by Digital Fashion Academy is based on the inputs-outputs model.

In the input-output model all the management activities are based on inputs from statistical, financial, historical and market data.

The inputs are utilised by managers and stakeholders who make decisions on strategies and actions (Output)

This method is used for example when planning future financial performance, basing the assumptions on historical performance data and market trends.

Input Output Model Digital Fashion Academy (C) 2024

Digital Fashion Academy competence model © 2023

Proficiency Levels

Levels of digital skills

Digital Fashion skills are classified into proficiency levels. DFA divides skills levels into three categories: basic,

intermediate and advanced. A person typically needs to acquire basic skills before moving on to intermediate or advanced skills, however skills are also divided into functional areas, therefore one person can be advanced in one area and basic in another functional area. For Example one can be advanced in digital analytics but basic in Information Technology.

The DFP Certification sums up the results of proficiency levels in all the different areas included in the certification assessment and returns total level. 

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