Ecommerce Management Online Course

Fashion E-commerce Course

Fashion E-commerce Management Online Course

A hands-on Ecommerce Management Course with certification, designed and delivered by fashion and luxury ecommerce professionals from world-class leading fashion companies.

E-commerce Certification Course Overview

Fashion ecommerce online course with certification. Flexible online course with live virtual classrooms, workshops and on-demand video lessons.

This ecommerce certification course covers all the value chain activities of fashion e-commerce, strategy and organisation. The teachers are all international experts from whom you’ll acquire, hands-on training experience and real-world case studies. The E-commerce Strategy & Organisation Course will provide you with an in-depth understanding of fashion ecommerce processes and tools. You’ll learn how to make a fashion e-commerce business successful, acquiring essential skills to manage a fashion ecommerce in the real world.


✔ Gain a comprehensive understanding of fashion ecommerce logic and business rules with a focus on strategy, organisation and key performance indicators (KPIs)

✔ Develop expertise in organising, managing, and optimising ecommerce teams works in fashion and luxury companies

✔ Acquire a practical & workable knowledge understanding of fashion e-commerce store management, marketplaces, operations & logistics, and customer relationship management (CRM)

✔ Attain knowledge and understanding of the up-to-date digital tools used by senior fashion professionals

✔ Obtain the Ecommerce Certification for Fashion & Luxury to fast-track your career

Enrol now and prepare to excel in the ever-evolving digital fashion landscape.


⇢ Online

⇢ 13 weeks
⇢ October 2024

⇢ €1,450

⇢ Fashion Ecommerce Strategy & Organisation
⇢ Exam fee included

⇢ 4 hours per week

How to participate in the ecommerce course

Flexible ecommerce training: take this course wherever you are

  • Mix of live virtual classrooms and self-paced on-demand lessons
  • You should be prepared to dedicate around 4 hours per week to this course
  • The course will run from March until June
  • Over 13 weeks you’ll have access to approximately 45 hours of lessons
  • The live lessons will be recorded and always available on-demand for reviewing even outside of class hours
  • You can engage remotely with teachers and colleagues through our platform

Who is this ecommerce course for?

This course is for fashion professionals who need to acquire hands-on ecommerce skills to manage the ecommerce business in fashion brands and retail companies.

Benefits of the ecommerce training:

Graduates who want or need to start working in the digital department of a fashion company. Learn how a fashion e-commerce works and career opportunities.

Junior professionals acquire a broader set of skills, be more effective in your job, fast-your career. Acquire hands-on skills essential for e-commerce management: Strategic Planning, Finance, Operations, Analytics and Store Management.

Mid-to-senior managers update and expand your skills, develop a deep understanding of the critical success factors for fashion ecommerce. If you work in a specific department you’ll have the chance to learn the whole activities of the E-commerce Value Chain and how it determines the success of e-commerce.

Digital Agencies / System Integrators will acquire the essential skills to work best with Fashion Brands and E-tailers. Understand how their organisation, processes and KPIs

Fashion Professionals, Head of Departments, CXOs coming from the traditional Bricks and Mortar side of business who need to quickly acquire a working understanding of e-commerce success factors, organisation and processes.

E-commerce Course program

The ecommerce course is structured in several modules. Some of the modules can be purchased and attended individually. To have more detailed information about this course, download our brochure

Module name and description
Introduction to the Fashion Industry & Digital Business

Learn the essential notions of Fashion business models, market structure, sales channels, brand positioning and product lifecycle. Excellent for individuals making a transition to the fashion industry from different sectors or those looking to delve deeper into the inner workings of fashion companies.
Fashion E-commerce Strategy & Organisation

One of the core modules in this course, you’ll learn how to elaborate an e-commerce business plan for a fashion business, plan a roadmap to achieve the goals established in the business plan and alternative business models and how to make decisions about which activities to insource or outsource to reach your financial targets.
Online Store Management & UX for Fashion Brands

Learn how to implement a Commercial Plan for your e-commerce, manage the Buying and Merchandising processes, manage a fashion E-commerce website, design and optimization, track sales and performance of your online store.
E-commerce Operations & Logistics Management

Acquire the essential knowledge to coordinate and oversee e-commerce operations which include: logistics management, shipping, customer service and online payments.
Customer Relationship Management

Learn the strategies and techniques that fashion companies use to create customer satisfaction and loyalty. This module covers both strategic and technological aspects of CRM.
Marketplaces & Internationalisation

In this module you’ll learn how to leverage different digital sales channel in different markets, we’ll analyse the success criteria for cross border e-commerce management, we’ll explore the requirements for doing e-business in foreign markets such as the Far East, Middle East and Africa. You’ll learn about Marketplaces and other relevant digital sales channels; how to satisfy local markets customers via localisation and optimisation of the websites for cultural differences.

E-commerce Course Teachers

Elevate your training experience with live sessions with ecommerce experts from leading Fashion & Luxury companies

Experience the unique opportunity of attending an ecommerce training with senior fashion & luxury professionals who are actively working in leading fashion brands. Our teachers are all experts who practice every day the ecommerce strategies and techniques they teach. This online ecommerce course it’s unique in this regards as it will allow you to access a wide range of experts connecting remotly. These experts bring a wealth of experience from renowned fashion and luxury brands, leading agencies servicing the fashion and luxury sector, and global technology players dedicated to providing innovative solutions for fashion brands.

Alexandra Carvalho, Ecommerce Operations Expert
Andrea Dell’Olio, Marketplaces Expert
Martina Donà, Online Store Manager
Enrico Fantaguzzi, Fashion & Luxury E-commerce Consultant
Marcello Messina, Worldwide Head of Global E-Business Director
Raffaele Nardo, Chief Digital Officer
Marco Di Pietro, Entrepreneur, Strategic Advisor
Marco Porcellana, Co-Founder
Ilaria Sartorato, Digital Retail Manager
Enrico Franco Roselli, Entrepreneur and Former CEO

Discover all teachers >>

E-commerce certification

Get your fashion certification with this ecommerce course online

Obtaining a fashion certification will help you to stand out in the fashion professionals industry and will help you to improve your career. This ecommerce course online offers you the opportunity to certify your skills and become a certified Digital Fashion Professional. We have developed our certification exams in collaboration with Fashion brands, Digital Professionals, Agencies and Associations.

DFA Certificates and Digital Badges are a recognition of the effort and dedication you’ll put into this significant journey, verifying your knowledge and new skill set.

You can share it with the world through your social profiles and have the opportunity to showcase your involvement to potential employers, friends, and family.

The exam fee is included in the enrolment fee for students.

Fashion Ecommerce online Course Certification and Badge

A course with a holistic view of Fashion Ecommerce

The Digital Fashion Academy Competence Model represents the set of skills that are considered essential to fashion digital business management.

This e-commerce course focuses on the skills that are relevant to work in Fashion and Luxury Ecommerce teams (see items in colour) and they are divided in Core Management skills in the center and vertical skills, or specialisation skills, in the outer ring

Core Management skills: Fashion, Management, E-commerce

Vertical Skills: Sales & Retail, Buying & Merchandising, Logistics, Digital Photography, Customer Experience, Content Production

Whether you’re a dedicated specialist in a specific department (such as visual merchandising, operations, or store management) or tasked with coordinating an ecommerce team, this program equips you with the knowledge necessary to excel in these roles.

This ecommerce course specifically targets three out of the four key areas outlined in the DFA competence model. For a comprehensive exploration of all the skills encompassed by the model, we recommend checking out the Digital Fashion Business Management course available here.

Fashion Ecommerce Competence Model - Digital Fashion Academy (R)

Digital Fashion Academy competence model © 2023

Career opportunities

The fashion industry is rapidly embracing digital and eCommerce channels, creating a surge in demand for professionals with expertise in these domains. By attending the Fashion E-commerce Management Course and obtaining the Ecommerce Certificate for Fashion & Luxurt you’ll gain the skills required for the most sought-after profiles in the fashion industry for Digital and eCommerce management. You’ll acquire in-depth knowledge from senior professionals who will explain real success stories from fashion & luxury global companies, empowering you to optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and contribute significantly to your company’s success.

By delving into the fundamentals of the ecommerce value chain, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the interconnected processes that bring fashion products from concept to customer’s doorstep.

Here below some examples of roles & profiles that are in line for this course of studies:

  • Head of Ecommerce: This individual oversees the entire eCommerce strategy, including product development, marketing, customer service, and operations. They ensure the brand’s online presence is consistent with its overall brand identity and drives sales growth.
  • Ecommerce Store Manager: Responsible for managing and executing the day-to-day operations of the eCommerce platform, including product listings, pricing, promotions, and customer support. This person ensures the website is user-friendly and optimized for conversions.
  • Digital Marketing Specialist: Manages the digital marketing strategy, including SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and email marketing. They generate leads, drive traffic to the website, and promote brand awareness.
  • Content Marketing Manager: Develops and manages content strategy, including blog posts, social media updates, and email newsletters. They create engaging content that attracts and engages target audiences.
  • Ecommerce Data Analyst: Analyzes eCommerce data to identify trends, optimize performance, and make data-driven decisions. They use tools like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics to track key metrics.
  • Ecommerce UX/UI Designer: Designs the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of the eCommerce website, ensuring it is intuitive, visually appealing, and responsive to different devices.
  • Ecommerce Project Manager & Program Manager: Oversees and manages eCommerce projects, from concept to launch. They ensure projects are completed on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.
  • Ecommerce Operations Specialist and Coordinator: Manages the logistics of eCommerce orders, including fulfillment, shipping, and returns. They ensure orders are processed efficiently and delivered to customers on time. Oversees and Coordinate Customer Services. Manages the payments providers.

Our partners

We partner with Fashion companies and agencies who specialise in the Fashion and Luxury industry.

How to enrol in the fashion e-commerce course


Pay now to enrol for OCT 2024.


Complete the form to enrol on course and request an invoice


Payment plans are available. Set up pay by instalments


Digital Fashion Academy in collaboration with our partners, we are offering 10 scholarships to successful candidates. The scholarships are available on a first come first served basis and are awarded by the DFA committee and partners.

> Full Scholarships: Open to recent graduates and young professionals with less than 2 years of work experience.

> Partial Scholarships: Available for junior professionals with less than 4 years of work experience.

This is your opportunity to learn from industry experts, stay ahead of the fashion ecommerce curve, and connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for style and innovation. Click here to review the application process.

Corporate Training

Are you a company? Click here for information and enrolments: Corporate Training

What our students say

Great Digital Fashion course, covering all the digital pillars of a fashion company, such as finance, marketing, logistics, website, CRM, privacy, legal, product, price… and high qualified teachers with years of experience in fashion market.
Really interesting also the workshops with concrete cases in fashion environment.”

Benedetto, Digital Marketing Manager

I recommend this course to all those who are interested in pursuing a career in digital and also to those who already occupy managerial positions, both for the variety of topics covered (a 360-degree view) and for updating on the latest tools and market trends.
Enrico and his team are extremely helpful and very clear in their exposition, all the speakers are very qualified.”

Martina, Ecommerce Merchandising Specialist

“A Fashion Academy that offers a wide range of courses using a team of professionals with decades of experience. Specifically, the course in Ecommerce management for fashion was rich, complete, suitable both for those who are approaching the digital world and for those who are already part of it.
Definitely recommended for those who want to deepen and enrich their skills and knowledge.”

Gabriella, Ecommerce Manager


Need more info?

If you need a personal consultation for choosing your course or getting advice about attendance of our courses, fees and financing, please set up a call with our staff by clicking the button here below. You’ll be redirected to a calendar where you can choose any available slot to book a call.


If I miss a live lesson can I watch the recording?

Yes, all virtual classrooms will be recorded and available to watch on the platform.

Is it possible to have a scholarship to fund the course?

Yes, there are several scholarships available. If you are interested in a scholarship, please apply here.

Is there a certification at the end of the course?

Yes. Digital Fashion Academy offers you the gain the ecommerce certification and become a certified Digital Fashion Professional. We have developed this certification exam in collaboration with Fashion brands, Digital Professionals, Agencies and Associations.

Will I develop a portfolio during the course

Yes, you will develop a portfolio, you will work on developing a strategy for ecommerce and carry out analysis based on real case studies that you can use in your portfolio. Contact us for more information on this.

I’m a professional with a busy schedule, is the attendance to lesson flexible?

The attendance is flexible, it is possible to carry out the training in your own time. If you cannot attend the virtual classrooms and workshops, you can do the exercises in your own time but you should delivering the work according to the schedule.

In which languages are the lessons available.

The lessons are available in English and Italian.

Digital fashion academy

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