Fall Winter Trends 2023/2024

Quiet luxury was the fall winter most coveted aesthetic, simple silhouettes and neutral colours were the essence of fall winter 2023/24 designers’ collections. “Wearable”, elevated dressing was definitely the highlight of the season. Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity as Vivienne Westwood said many years ago.

Among accessories, over-the-knee boots were one of our must-have A/W 23/24 items, here below some inspirations from Khaite, Valentino, Dries Van Noten and the Intreccio-woven red boots from Bottega Veneta.

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Here below the top ten trends for fall winter 2023/24

  1. Quite luxury, buy less but better quality and buy things that will stay with you for a long time. This Fall Winter you should focus on buying coats, dresses and accessories of good quality. Quality, not quantity as Vivienne Westwood said many years ago
  2. White shirt evolution: the white shirt in fall winter 23 is worn like a dress. Shirts are extra long, or classic worn with baggy jeans like Gucci.
  3. Business-style dressing. In fall winter ’23 there’s a discernible need and desire to dress elegantly for work. Suits and tailored blazers to be worn with matching skirts and trousers. Get your inspiration from The Row, Valentino, Loewe and Ferragamo. Discover the office looks >>
  4. Matching tops and shoes
  5. Elevated Underwear and see-through: knickers are now on display under coats, dresses and maxi shirts. Find inspiration at miu miu
  6. Leather and Faux Leather: Leather garments, including jackets, skirts, and pants, were on-trend. Faux leather options are also to be considered due to the increased emphasis on sustainability and ethical fashion choices
  7. Black coats or matching the color of the outfit. Dress for the weather with proper outerwear: rain macs, puffers and shearling-trimmed coats were seen on the runways of the most refined fashion houses, like Christian Dior, Chloé and Burberry. The black coat has been elevated and upgraded to a staple and finally shearling and leather coats are also on the list. Let’s take a look >>
  8. Tights are in for the show: be they fishnet, velvet-touch or brightly coloured, they are elevated and displayed as part of the look. Worn with nothing but bejewelled knickers at Miu Miu, tights are slowly but surely replacing trousers, pushing the no-pants trend that’s already been adopted by the likes of Kendall Jenner and Camille Charrière one step further.
  9. Metallic hue, but also white dresses. Shine on with silver finished or wear a white dress to live the emotion of a wedding.
  10. Party frills: volumes made with light weightfabric, organza, tulle and taffeta.

Shapes and Silhouettes

  • Bow tie dresses
  • Mini bras
  • Knickers worn as shorts
  • Baggy blue jeans or office trousers
  • Simple coats worn on hoodies
  • White shirts with miniskirt or boxers
  • vest-top-and-jeans
  • jersey dresses: turtleneck dresses from Tove, Carolina Herrera and Bottega Veneta
  • Leather skirts from Proenza Schouler and Bottega Veneta
  • Leather coats from Khaite, Ferragamo and Gabriela Hearst, especially in red and burgundy
  • thigh-high boots, bra tops and skirts held together by safety pins
  • Conceal reveal
  • Matching Shoes and Dress
  • Business-style dressing

Fall Winter ’23-’24 in a nutshell

  • Styles and silhouette: bow tie dresses, mini bras, knickers, baggy blue jeans
  • Colours: black and white, red and yellow. Red was a consistent theme in the shows by the likes of Stella McCartney and Valentino, giving a strong, high-impact look. 
  • Materials and textures: leather upgraded, with trims, draped liquid lame, sheer, lingerie-style fabrics, shearling
  • Prints and patterns: tartan, pin stripes
  • Accessories: clutches, shoes, dramatic scarves, tartan blankets draped across the blazer secured with a gold pin, long opera gloves

White Shirt evolution: stripy, button down, in earthy tones or white, extra-long and wore as dresses.

The Beatles boot are the “little brothers” of chelsea, and took their name from the famous rock group “Fab four”, because they were invented and commissioned by them, at the time of their first concerts.

They were created by a shoe factory based in London, but founded by two Italians, “Anello & Davide”, specialized in footwear for the entertainment world.
John and Paul wanted chelsea boots that in addition made them raise a few centimeters: hence, the idea of creating a slightly high but comfortable heel (the Cuban heel was chosen, used in dance shoes) and to make more narrow.


White shirt with mini skirt
Prada (Courtesy of Prada)

Bottega Veneta

White shirt with Boxers Bottega Veneta
Bottega Veneta (courtesy of Bottega Veneta).



Business Looks Fall Winter ’23-’24

Business-style dressing is also on the list wether you like to work from home or in the office. This Fall you’ll walk down the streets of your city in a business-like suit wether you like to work at home or in the office. Check out inspirations from The Row, Valentino and Loewe, Ferragamo, Max Mara.

After years if “informal” dress code we found a renovated desise to dress with style at work. Being dressed properly it’s a pleasure and it’s a statement for our achievements and hard work. Oversized blazers at Saint Laurent and pencil skirts from the likes of Tove and Burberry led the way for this trend. We also loved the suiting from Max Mara and Gabriela Hearst, taking power dressing to the next level.” 


Ferragamo. Matching suit and coats for a business style total look.

Miu Miu

Miu Miu. An elegant mini-dress can be worn in some business occasions


Office Look by Valentino. Courtesy of Miu Miu). Business suite in black and white


Dior. Office look, shirt, white shirt and tie. (Courtesy of Dior)

Max Mara

Business Suit with leather top at Max Mara


Business suit with baggy trousers at Versace (Courtesy of Versace)

Jackets trends Fall Winter ’23-’24: Black coats, puffers and scarves


Black Coat Fall Winter ’23, Courtersy of Prada.

Dolce & Gabbana

Black Coat Fall Winter ’23, Courtersy of Dolce e Gabbana


Black Coat Fall Winter ’23, Courtersy of Givenchy.

Miu Miu

Black Coat Fall Winter ’23, Courtersy of Miu Miu


Black Coat Fall Winter ’23, Courtesy of Ferragamo.


Tartan Scarft Fall Winter ’23, Courtesy of Etro

Talking about ste still known today.

Baggy jeans


Gucci. Baggy Jeans with a pinstripe shirt.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford. Baggy Jeans with a black blazer.

Shiny metallic party


Blumarine. Shiny metallic dress with matching boots.

Rick Owens

Rick Owens. Metallic top and skirt.

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