The shoes in trend to wear in Fall Winter 2023/2024

We know last year the platform Mocassin was a must have, and you can still wear it this autumn 2023. At the same time there are some new trends to look at for the next fall/winter season of the shoes.

The fall winter 22/23 shoes trends

After years if “informal” dress code and years of pandemic that locked us down in the isolation of apartments and bound us to comfy sneakers, we have the desire to buy and wear the shoes that made us feel chic and trendy and properly dressed to go out or simply go back to the office.

  1. Pointy decolleté and flat ballerinas. Two trends in one. On one hand the pointy shoes are making a come back.
  2. Matching shoes with dresses and coats. We have seen fabric boots matching with coats and bright colors matching.
  3. ‘800 inspired. Mary Jane heels and Moulin Rouge boots
  4. Decolleté
  5. Chunky loafers. Chunky loafers are another trend that is gaining popularity for fall/winter 2023/24. These loafers are typically made from leather or suede and have a thick, chunky sole.
  6. Black boots are a must-have in Fall Winter 23-24. This season black boots are high and decorated with metal accessories such as buckles, rhinestones and other details.
  7. Platform boots. Platform boots are back in a big way for fall/winter 2023/24. Look for boots with chunky platforms and thick soles in a variety of colors and styles
  8. Eccentric shoes. This trend is all about statement shoes that are eye-catching and unique. Think platform boots with exaggerated proportions, chunky loafers with tassels, or colorful pumps with quirky details
  9. Leggings boots, made in fabric to match your look by Proenza Schouler or in shiny colors made in vynil leather.


Colorful shoes. Colorful shoes are a great way to add some personality to your fall/winter wardrobe. This season, look for shoes in bright colors like red, orange, yellow, and blue.

  • White and / or Black.
  • Matching colors

We have seen some major fashion trends in shoes in the presentations of the fall winter collections:

Tory Burch Fall Winter 23/24 Trends

Courtesy of Tory Burch

Match the color of the shoes with the dress this autumn, courtesy of Emporio Armani
Boots are the must have of the next Winter 23/24 even better if matching the dress or the jacket. Courtesy of Michael Kors

These micro-trends are present in several big names of the fashion and luxury industry from Prada to Alexander McQueen. However if we dig depper into the shoe specialist brands like the Italians Doucal’s, Santoni, Tod’s we discover some macro-trends that are dominating the market this fall:

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Durability as a way of being sustainable
  • Elegant but not too formal
  • Light-weight materials

Ultra flat ballerinas

Ultra flat ballerinas are protagonist this fall winter. They are presented in

  • Ballerinas in birghtful colours
  • Decorated with trims, bows and accessories
  • Matching with the rest of the look
Ballerinas in bright colors for fall winter 23/24. Courtesy of Prada

Can’t you wait any longer? Here some addresses where you can buy the latest boots in Trends:

Décolleté shoes

The décolleté shoes are back in fall winter 23-24 in a pointy fashion, decorated with bows and flowers or in a classic total black.

Décolleté nera Prada

Décolleté nera Prada

Décolleté Ulla Johnson FW 23

Décolleté Ulla Johnson

Décolleté Loewe FW23-24

Décolleté Loewe

The Cuissard boots

A cuissard boot is a type of over-the-knee boot that reaches to the upper thigh. The name comes from the French word “cuissard,” which means “thigh-piece.” Cuissard boots were originally worn by men in the 17th and 18th centuries, but they have become increasingly popular with women in recent years.

Cuissard boots can be made from a variety of materials, including leather, suede, and vinyl.

The black boots Fall Winter 23-24


Fall Winter boots decorated with Buckles
Fall Winter boots decorated with Buckles. Courtesy of Moschino.

Alberta Ferretti

Fall Winter black boots with Strass
Fall Winter black boots with Strass. Courtesy of Alberta Ferretti.

Fall Winter Boots for a Maximalist look

Maximalist fashion is a style that expresses extravagance and spectacle. Maximalist fashion features bright colors, bold patterns, oversized accessories, intricate details, and eye-catching designs. Conversely, minimalist fashion prefers simplicity, functionality, neutral or monochrome tones, and clean lines.

Cargo Boots

Givenchy – Cargo Boots

Platform Boots

Platform Boots fall Winter 23-24 Chanel
Platform Boots fall Winter 23-24 Chanel.

Ankle boots are on this fall ’23

The fashionable ankle boots show up in fall winter 23 in different shapes and colours.

They range from the lace-up models of Bibhu Mohapatra inspired by brogues to the platform shapes of Adeam punk chic, from the models with large colored jewel brooches seen at the Moschino fashion show at the 23 24 to the pointy ones entirely studded with light points by Giorgio Armani and perfect for elegant occasions.

Ankle Boots

Ankle Boots Fall Winter 23 Louis Vuitton
Ankle Boots Fall Winter 23. Courtesy of Louis Vuitton


Ankle Boots decorated with flowers. Fall Winter 23-24. Courtesy of Moschino

Boots from Gucci and Emporio Armani

Two different interpretations of boots in fall winter 23-24. The boots with fur by Gucci and the mannish looking bicolor boots with lug sole.

Fur Boots

Ankle Boots with fur by Gucci. Fall Winter 23. Courtesy of Gucci


Mannish Ankle Boots bicolour in vinyl leather Fall Winter 23-24. Courtesy of Emporio Armani

Colours of winter

Colours are the new entry of this fall winter 22/23. Beside the classic black and white, we see bright colours entering the scene of winter. A bright color shoe is perfect to wear in bright colours even if you are not confident wearing red, yellow or other bright hues.

Red Miu Miu décolléte
Red Fall Winter Victor Virgile / Victor VIRGILE/Getty Images

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