The Nosetta case study with co-founder Marco Porcellana

Thanks Marco!

We want to thank Co-founder of Nosetta, Marco Porcellana, for sharing his experience as an entrepreneur at the 2° edition of the Fashion Ecommerce Management course by Digital Fashion Academy. 

With Marco we discussed the Nosetta case study in the classroom starting from the very core of the business model: 

  • Brand positioning
  • Competitors analysis
  • Customer Experience
  • Pricing
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Marketing Strategy
  • SWOT analysis

The students had the opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of a fashion entrepreneur and discuss the challenges that developing a brand presents:
– first of all, the students had to acquire a 360° view of the brand and the company. In order to give a strategic direction to a brand you need to look at it from above.

Fashion Brand Positioning - Nosetta Case Study with co-founder Marco Porcellana

– the other challenge the students faced was to discuss different strategies to develop a brand, taking into account that the resources are limited.

To establish a new brand takes time, consistency and resilience. Marco and his partner have managed to establish and make a success of the Nosetta brand which focuses on Made in Italy, high quality bags, with an affordable price range, clean aesthetics and a responsible approach to the sourcing of the products.

Congratulations again Marco and Clare for what you have achieved and thanks again for sharing your insights with us. 

Fashion Brand Benchmark - Nosetta Case Study with co-founder Marco Porcellana

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