Top bikini trends of summer 2022

Top 2022 Bikini Trends

As the summer is coming up, we, both as customers and fashion professionals, are keeping an eye on this season’s swimwear trends. In general, we can see both 2000’s nostalgia as well as some very new materials gaining popularity. So let’s dive right in and take a closer look at this summer’s beach fashion. 

Don’t Lose Your Sparkle

We started noticing more and more glitter swimsuits a couple of summers ago, but it looks like in 2022 the trend is going to be at its all time high. The sparkly bikini tops and bottoms look great in photos, catch some attention, yet not too much, and are perfect for beach parties. 

Some of the sets we love include Lumiére lurex high-waisted bikini by Oséree that is going to beautifully compliment tan skin and Sisi one-shoulder embellished bikini by Dodo Bar Or, a great example of a glamorous swim set.  

The Seamless Transition to Comfort

We all know how much the pandemic has changed the way we dress. Months of lockdown and social distancing made us used to wearing our comfy sweatpants, fuzzy socks and fleece hoodies all day every day. It has deeply affected the underwear market, where comfort has since become the most important thing. Seamless underwear has become a big thing lately, and the trend has now transitioned to swimwear. We see more and more seamless sets and it’s totally understandable why. Less seams means less muffin tops and post-swim chafing. 

Some seamless pieces that we want to highlight are the Oli seamless bikini top by SIR., the perfect choice for a minimalist, and Seamless cotton jersey bikini by Isole & Vulcani

The Swim/Wet Suit

Because of the pandemic induced skin care craze, more and more people are concerned by sun damage to their skin. Yet reapplying sunscreen while at the beach can be quite tedious, and there’s a solution that is being discovered by more individuals every summer season: wetsuits as swimsuits. 

Wetsuits used to be worn only by people doing water sports: surfing, windsurfing, water skiing, etc. But now things are changing and a wetsuit has become a fashion item that gives more sun protection to the wearer.

The Upside creates beautiful sport-chic swimsuits and for their SS 2022 collection they have designed this particular one that has colorblock details that make your legs look longer. Marysia’s North Sea rashguard swimsuit is a great example of making something utilitarian look very delicate and feminine. 

Terry to Try

It’s the second summer when the terry cloth has migrated from beach towels to beachwear, and this year we see more and more variations of the trend: ribbed and gathered effects, cutouts and prints. It all seems to somehow work together with the fuzzy texture. 

There are a lot of terry-cloth textured swimsuits among Hunza G and Bond Eye assortment. For example, this baby blue ruched bikini set and this elegant strapless one piece.  

Google 2022 Swimwear Trends Comparison

For this article we’ve conducted research on the beachwear trends that we’ve listed above. Of course, we should take into account that bikini sales are highly seasonal so spikes in search volume are easily explainable. 

Maybe you’ve noticed some swimwear trends that we haven’t mentioned in this article? Let us know in the comments!

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