Twitter: 3 reasons why it’s important for work and how to use it (read in 5 minutes)

How I use TwitterSome people asked me recently why do I use more Twitter than Facebook or Instagram.

Well… the answer is: Twitter works much better for my type of Job. I am a Digital and E-commerce professional in the Fashion Industry.

3 reasons why

First. You get immediately the updates on your smart phone. This means that you can receive the news from your competitors or suppliers or clients immediately on your phone as soon as they publish them on Twitter.

Second. The Tweets are 140 characters therefore are very quick to read, you can read hundreds of tweets every day, you only need a glance to see if it’s relevant. Tweets writers have to work hard to get what they want to say into 140 characters. I usually ignore or stop following those Twitter users who tweets mainly links. If you are are Twitter user and you don’t make an effort to write what you want to say in 140 characters you may as well change social network.

Third. Twitter is a Social Network where people want to say things that matter, it’s not IMHO a place for fun or play with, it’s more serious. Therefore you can find high quality information if you follow the right persons or companies.

So how did I get to this idea:

I started following about 100 people and then I discovered that I wasn’t really following anyone.

I activated the mobile alerts only on the persons / companies that I was really interested into (go on the cogwheel symbol of the person you follow an select active alerts)

Then I removed the alerts from the people/companies who tweeted to much for my taste and then I removed the alerts also form the ones whose tweets didn’t meet my expectations.

Now before I follow or activate alerts from some account I check if I like the topics, the quality of content and the frequency of tweets by the person/company I intend to follow

I hope this helps! Feel free to share your opinion using the comments below : )

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