Digital Fashion Acronyms

  • Acronyms are widely used in fashion business, however they can be an obstacle for new hires as the acronyms used by different companies can be different.

Here below a list of widely used acronyms divided by category

Financial fashion acronyms

  • 3YP, 5YP 3 years and 5 years plan
  • COGS Cost of Goods Sold
  • G&A General & Administrative
  • LY Last Year
  • YoY Year on Year
  • P&L Profit and Loss
  • BGT Budget
  • Fct Forecast
  • KPI Key Performance Indicators

Digital Marketing

  • CLT Customer Lifetime Value
  • CpC Cost per Click
  • CpA Cost per Acquisition
  • CpL Cost per Lead
  • CpO Cost per Order
  • CRM Customer Relationship Management
  • CTR Click Though Rate
  • SEM Search Engine Marketing
  • SEA Search Engine Advertising
  • SERP Search Engine Result Page


  • AOV Average Order Value
  • ASP Average Selling Price
  • CR Conversion Rate
  • CRO Conversion Rate Optimization
  • O2O Offline to Online and Online to Offline
  • UX User Experience
  • Gross Merchandise Value

Project Management

  • PM Product or Project or Program Manager depending on the context
  • POC Proof Of Concept
  • RFP Request for Proposal
  • RFI Request for Information


  • VP Vice President (SVP Senior Vice President)
  • CEO Chief Executive Officer
  • CFO Chief Financial Officer
  • CMO Chief Marketing Officer
  • RACI Responsible Accountable Consulted Informed
  • SLA Service Level Agreement


  • B2B Business to Business
  • B2C Business to Consumer
  • KPI Key Performance Indicator
  • MBO Management By Objectives 
  • ETA Expected Time for Accomplishment
  • TCO Total Cost of Ownership

Information Technology

  • CDN Content Distribution Network
  • ERP Enterprise Resource Planning


  • POS Point Of Sale
  • UPT Units Per Transaction

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