How to set priorities with a methodology

Ways to prioritize tasks

– Put one in the list of the most important and urgent tasks, assigned to them more time and in the most productive times of the day; in second place the urgent tasks, but not inportanti; the third important tasks and not urgent, and finally those it important it urgent. 

– Choose your priorities with calm and detachment; 

– Resist the temptation to first take care of minor tasks or easier 

– Do a critical analysis of your list of priorities in order to cancel those activities that can be delegated; 

– Every night before leaving the office, make a list of the most important things that are waiting for the next day and place them in order of priority.

Matrix tasks / priorities 

Priority 1: imporant and urgent activities. critical activities, such as the achievement of role objectives. Prerogatives of the role (can not be delegated). 

Priority 2: urgent activities but of medium importance. They can easily be delegated.

Priority 3: slightly urgent activities, but important. medium and long-term goals, do not have an immediate impact on the business or are not related to specific objectives. They are partially or hardly be delegated.

Priority 1: things you must do 

Priority 2: things you should do 

Priority 3: things that could be done

Organization of activities by priority: 

1) Things important and urgent 

2) urgent things BUT NOT important 

3) Things important and urgent NOT 

4) Things NOT NOT important and urgent

Prioritization of effort / return projects

Matrix effort / return 

Priority 1: Quick wins: Effort Low / high ROI

Priority 2: Major Projects: High Effort / high ROI

Priority 3: Nice to have: Effort Low / Low ROIPriority 4:Not worthit: Effort High / Low ROI

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