What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion is about making clothes that have less of an impact on the environment. We can achieve that by making clothes that are more durable, i.e. that last longer, or by making the manufacturing process less harmful for the environment. For example by using less chemicals in the dyeing or replacing animal fur and skin in clothes with synthetic ones.

How can we make clothing manufacturing sustainable?

We can make clothing manufacturing sustainable by using dyes that are less harmful to the environment, we can use fabrics that don’t require much water to grow like lyocell fibers instead of cotton.

Are the clothes we buy really sustainable?

Are the sustainable brands really sustainable?

We need to assume that clothing manufacturing has an impact on the environment, therefore it’s almost impossible to say that a specific brand is sustainable, as it would mean that they have 0 impact on the environment. For example a brand could claim to being carbon neutral, which means that they don’t contribute to the increase of CO2 in the air in the manufacturing process. However, a brand that claims to be carbon neutral should also include the office activities, the offices themselves, the marketing activities, travel and make sure that everything they do is 0 impact or carbon neutral.

How can we make fashion sustainable?

Sustainability is made of several aspects, one of this is the re-use, repair and re-purpose of the garments. This is what we call circular economy. If we buy a garment and we keep it for example for 10 years we are less harmful for the environment than buying a piece of clothing that we use for six months and then throw in the bin.

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